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What Is A Federal Arrest Warrant And What Should You Do Next?

When the U.S. Attorney’s Office takes the steps to secure a federal arrest warrant, it is a serious situation. As a former federal prosecutor, I founded the Law Offices of Peter Katz to advocate for clients who are facing criminal charges in New Jersey and New York. With over 29 years of experience in the criminal court system, I have the experience and knowledge to help you face any federal criminal charges against you.

When A Criminal Case Begins With An Arrest Warrant

When you are surprised by an arrest warrant, it is obviously a shock. It is especially shocking if that is the first time you become aware that the government is preparing a case against you. According to the federal criminal court procedures, if this happens, it means that the government has already presented evidence to a grand jury or a federal judge and there was a finding that probable cause exists to charge you with a crime.

You Have The Right To Remain Silent

One of the most important things to remember if you are arrested is that you have the right to remain silent, and any criminal defense attorney will tell you that it is highly recommended that you exercise this right. Prosecutors, government officials and agents will absolutely use whatever you say as evidence against you. You also have the right to have your attorney present during any sort of questioning. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to protect your rights and help to make sure that you are not alone in what can be an overwhelming process.

Next Steps And Securing Bail

If you are detained on an a warrant, it is very likely that federal prosecutors will also oppose any attempt at bail. After you have been arrested, you will have a hearing. At this hearing, the judge will decide if you will be allowed to be released on bail, or if you have to remain in custody until your case can be heard for trial. The likelihood of a release while awaiting trial will depend on the facts and circumstances of your case. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help argue on your behalf for a reasonable bail amount, help you with the bond process to secure your bail and work hard on your behalf to arrange for your release.

Consult With An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

I am passionate about securing freedom for my clients. If you have been arrested, I will work hard on your behalf to get you out of jail and back with your family. To arrange a free, confidential consultation with me, reach out to schedule an appointment using my online form or by calling my office directly at 609-900-2648.