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The Complex Laws Involving Conspiracy

Conspiracy is frequently charged by federal prosecutors. Conspiracy is a simple crime; however, the law surrounding it can be extremely complex. Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit some federal offense.

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What Comprises A Conspiracy Charge, And Why Is It Used?

Conspiracy is a white collar crime that is charged in different degrees in New York. Prosecutors charge defendants with conspiracy when two or more people are involved in an alleged crime or are working together to achieve an illegal goal. It is the ideation and planning that are the crimes in a conspiracy charge or charges.

I say “alleged” because, in many cases, prosecutors will include a conspiracy charge even when no crime was committed. Conspiracy is rather vague. Some things that are helpful to understand about these charges are:

  • The most serious is a conspiracy in the first degree; the least serious is a conspiracy in the sixth degree.
  • You can be found guilty of conspiracy in the sixth degree if you agree with one or more people to engage in or cause the performance of a crime and you make the agreement with the intent that the actions constituting a crime be performed.
  • Conspiracy in the first degree requires a prosecutor to establish that you are over 18, you agreed with someone under age 16 to engage in conduct constituting a Class A felony and you intended that conduct constituting a Class A felony would be performed.

All federal conspiracy charges allow prosecutors to claim that a person is responsible for the actions of others. In fact, federal conspiracy law allows the government to charge an individual for crimes that were never actually committed.

The Sentencing For Conspiracy Convictions Varies

The sentence for a criminal conspiracy conviction varies depending on the circumstances and at what level the charges are brought – state or federal. Federal conspiracies are punishable by fines and up to five years in prison. Typical charges include money laundering or the manufacturing of drugs or weapons.

Prosecutors will push misdemeanor charges to be charged at the maximum level. Conspiracy is one of the most powerful tools federal prosecutors have at their disposal. The conspiracy charge is often connected to mail fraud and can be in addition to health care or wire fraud charges.

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