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Because New York City is a global financial capital, white collar crimes are often charged in the city, in the surrounding areas and in both state and federal courts. As an experienced Manhattan white collar crime lawyer, I can help you fight charges brought under federal or state laws in New York and New Jersey. White collar crimes are usually financial crimes or crimes perpetrated with deceit, rather than violence. Charges include mail, wire, health care and securities fraud as well as conspiracy to commit fraud, among others.

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Experienced And Proven In Many White Collar Charges

I have extensive experience and a lengthy list of successful cases in high-profile while collar issues. These include:

Reaching out to a white collar criminal defense lawyer sooner rather than later is advisable. However, obtaining legal protection at any point in the process is to your benefit.

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At the Law Offices of Peter Katz, we treat each of our clients as if they were our most important. Peter maintains his availability at all hours. He has a proven record of success in criminal defense in New York City, New Jersey, Federal Courts and the surrounding areas. Our rates are reasonable and provide various payment options and plans. Call us for a free consultation at 609-900-2648 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.