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What does it take to convict you of wire fraud?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

When you use electronic communications across state lines to defraud others, you may face conviction, severe fines and up to 20 years in prison. These penalties may also apply even if you do not succeed in stealing someone’s money or property.

A prosecutor can use the following strategies to steer a judge and jury toward convicting you of wire fraud.

Produce copies of your communications

Wire fraud involves communicating deceitful information by email, text, radio, television or phone. For example, a prosecutor can obtain a copy of an offer or ad you send to multiple people around the country, perhaps attempting to sell them non-existent goods or services or steal their personal information through phishing and other deceptions. Such communications can provide a jury with overwhelming evidence of your deceit and lead to a criminal conviction.

Demonstrate your intent to defraud

A prosecutor must prove that the contents of your electronic communications with someone are deliberate attempts to defraud that person for financial gain. Whether you act alone or are an accomplice in a broader conspiracy, a jury that reads through your emails and texts revealing your involvement in a wire fraud scheme and your attempts to conceal your crimes could have sufficient evidence demonstrating your criminal intentions.

Call witnesses to testify

Prosecutors will rely upon the testimony of various witnesses who can convince a judge and jury of the malevolent nature of your crimes. Co-conspirators who play a role in your wire fraud scheme, victims of your actions, and expert witnesses who can provide insights into your methods are especially helpful in moving a jury toward a conviction.

An accusation of wire fraud in New Jersey can lead to a federal criminal conviction with devastating consequences whether or not your scheme succeeds.