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3 behaviors to avoid if you have been accused of white-collar crime

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | White Collar Crimes

People make mistakes all the time, and usually, the consequences of everyday mistakes are minimal. However, you’ll need to be particularly careful to avoid making certain mistakes if you are under investigation for a white-collar crime.

Doing what might seem logical in the heat of the moment could lead to a criminal record even if you beat the original charges for which you are under investigation. As a result, you’ll want to avoid certain actions after learning that you are a suspect in a white-collar criminal case.

1. Destroying evidence

Deleting computer files, erasing hard disks or shredding documents may all be seen as an intent to cover up guilt. Compromising documents that may have something to do with your case is also illegal. Even taking this action to save someone else’s skin could be problematic. It’s probably pointless anyway, as investigators often find ways to recover evidence people thought they had destroyed for good.

2. Lying to cover things up

Remember, just because investigating officers want to ask you questions does not mean that they suspect you of highly-specific actions. They may be asking because they think you can help them unravel someone else’s crimes. Don’t lie when asked questions, as doing so could lead prosecutors to charge you with obstructing justice or a similar legal violation. Instead, speak with an attorney about your concerns if you are hesitant to answer questions that could lead to self-incrimination.

3. Trying to stop an officer from arresting you

If a police officer has come to arrest you, let them. Running, struggling or making their life difficult could all lead to further charges as well as potential physical harm, as seen in some tragic cases.

As soon as you suspect you may be under investigation for a white-collar crime, consider getting guidance from an experienced legal defense team. They can help you understand what to do next.