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Stay off social media until your criminal case is resolved

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | White Collar Crimes

There are many reasons why millions of Americans log on to social media platforms each day. These electronic resources can help individuals to network professionally, keep in touch with loved ones and find support for unique challenges. Yet, if you’re under investigation for a white collar crime or you’ve been formally charged with criminal wrongdoing, it is time to log off. 

Until your case is resolved, anything that you post on social media – and even any information posted by others that you click on, comment on or “like” – can be used by the prosecution as evidence against you. “But I don’t do anything on social media that could get me in trouble,” you might think. That’s fair. However, it is critically important to be safe rather than sorry. Even the most seemingly innocuous social media activity could make or break your case

Once your case is resolved

If your case has garnered any media attention, you’ll need to understand how your image may have been impacted before rejoining social media platforms. Recent studies suggest that negative media attention can have a particularly detrimental effect on white collar defendants. If you’re going to face harsh labeling on social media for a time, you’ll want to craft a proactive approach so that this reality doesn’t cause you an unnecessary amount of stress and emotional harm. 

By better understanding the roles that social media may play in prosecuting white collar allegations, you can make more informed choices about how you want to engage online. 

Knowledge is, indeed, power. And by learning more about your rights and the practical challenges associated with social media use in these contexts, you can benefit from genuine empowerment.