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What is a money mule?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | White Collar Crimes

Many criminals realize that getting someone else to do work for them reduces the chance that they will be caught and allows them to bring in even more profits.

Sometimes, those whom they select know what they are getting into, such as when people sign up to sell drugs for a kingpin. Other times, the first they will know about the unlawful nature of their situation is when the police knock on their door, accusing them of a crime. One type of unsuspecting collaborator is called a money mule.

Money mules facilitate money laundering efforts

Few get-rich-quick schemes are as good as they sound, and some can be incredibly problematic. If someone offers you a commission for receiving money from one account and transferring it to another, you should turn them down right away.

When criminals make illegal money, they often struggle to spend it because doing so would bring unwanted attention from investigators as to the source of their funds. Hence, they need to launder the money so that detectives cannot trace it back to illicit sources. The more times they move the money, be it through businesses or people, the hard it is to trace. That’s why they can afford to pay an attractive commission to anyone willing to accept a role in their broader scheme.

Of course, those behind a money laundering scheme are not going to tell you what they are asking you to do is illegal. If you face white-collar charges due to unwittingly being involved in a money laundering scheme, you’ll need urgent legal help to protect your interests.