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What to expect when the IRS audits you

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | White Collar Crimes

Becoming the subject of an IRS audit is not common, but there are certain things that may lead the tax collection agency to take a closer look at your tax returns through an audit. Also, in some situations, the IRS may audit you completely at random, and not because anything you included in your filing raised a red flag.

According to the Motley Fool, if the IRS does decide to audit you, you may feel anxious and nervous about the entire process. However, you may feel less so if you have an idea of what is coming down the pipeline. The IRS conducts three types of audits.

The audit by mail

As the name suggests, an audit by mail typically has you supplying the IRS with certain documentation that backs up the things you reported on your tax return. In many instances, audits never go further than this and you may not have to ever meet with an IRS agent in person.

The in-office audit

An in-office audit is a bit more comprehensive and may also require more preparation. In an in-office audit, you go to a local IRS office and explain why you filed the way you did. You may need to furnish additional documentation here, and you may also want to bring an attorney with you.

The field audit

The field audit takes place when the IRS needs considerably more information from you to explain why you filed your taxes in the manner you did. This might involve an IRS agent coming to your home, business or both.

Not every audit leads to major tax or legal troubles. However, the vast majority of them do result in at least one change to the original tax return filed.